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IP WatchDog HWg-WR02a: Ping restarter

IP WatchDog HWg-WR02a: Ping restarter
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Monitors the functionality of a device over IP (PING/WEB) or serial line (RS-232), automatically restarts it upon failure. Web watchdog monitors two independent channels. Industrial version.

IP WatchDog WR02a (ping restarter) periodically monitors the functionality of a device by transmitting or receiving a specified 的'm alive and OK signal over IP or RS-232. If the correct reply is not received in time, the device is restarted with a relay.

IP WatchDog can monitor two devices (two independent channels, two 110/230VAC relays). Industrial applications benefit from DIN rail compatibility.

Failures are detected with five distinct methods, separately for each channel (Ping Tx/Rx, Web page request/push, RS-232 data). Web WatchDog WR02a allows flexible configuration method of functionality detection, switchoff time when restarting.

  • 2 channels / 2x 110/230V / 16A relay
  • Methods of detecting functionality
    • ICMP PING (transmit / receive)
    • Request for a Web page (requesting / waiting for a request)
    • RS-232 (waiting for a specific sequence of characters)
IP WatchDog - PING relay 230V - web watchdog

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  • Ethernet: RJ45 (10BASE-T)
  • WEB: Built-in web server, manual reset and output control, logging
  • Functions: Two channels, independent per-channel monitoring
  • Methods of detecting functionality per channel:
    • Ping Push: IP WatchDog periodically sends PING requests
    • Ping Request: IP WatchDog waits for a PING from a specified IP address
    • Web Push: IP WatchDog periodically checks the availability of a given web page (web server)
    • Web Request: IP WatchDog waits for a request for its internal WEB page
    • RS232 Rx: IP WatchDog waits for a sequence of characters in the RS-232 data stream
  • Channel output: DO relay output (NO/NC, 230V/16A AC)
  • Manual control of the relay over WWW (with a password) - can be used as a 110V Web relay
  • Security ensured with user passwords and a configurable range of allowed IP addresses
  • FirmWare update can be performed over the WWW interface
  • Log & Time: Automatic time sync over NTP (TIME), event logging
  • Installation: Installation in 10 minutes, no software is necessary
  • Tip: Outputs can be turned on/off manually over the web interface
  • Dimensions: 145x90x45 [mm]

Channels Industry Relay Output Functionality detection
PING Push PING Request WEB Push PING Request RS-232 string
IP WatchDog Lite 2 SOHO 30V / 1A * *
IP WatchDog WR02a (industrial) 2 DIN mounting 230V/16A
* You can order this function as special firmware upgrade.

Usage examples

    IP WatchDog - IP address monitoring - IP address restart, web watchdog, ping restart, rs-232, web relay 110V, remote reboot, autonomous restart
  • Operation monitoring / IP restart
    • Servers / routers
    • IP video cameras
    • WiFi links / access points
    • Industrial systems
  • Connectivity monitoring
    • Activation of a back-up link
    • Detection of connectivity outage (relay >> horn)
    • Monitoring of ADSL and cable modems
    • Security and access control systems

Ordering and FAQ

  • Question: What is the difference between Lite and WR02a versions? Answer: IP WatchDog WR02a is intended for industrial applications:
    • IP WatchDog WR02a offers 5 methods of functionality detection (compared to 2 / 4)
    • Outputs of IP WatchDog WR02a can directly control 110/230V relays
    • IP WatchDog WR02a is designed for DIN rail mount
    • IP WatchDog WR02a supports a wider range of supply voltages and operating temperatures
  • Question: Can the IP WatchDog monitor if my Internet connection works? Answer: Yes. The simplest method is to periodically test, using PING, if the connection to a well-known server works (e.g. Google). The server must support PING.
  • Question: How can I make sure that IP WatchDog can monitor my device? Answer: IP WatchDog can monitor any device that responds to PING requests.
  • Question: How can I prevent repeated autonomous restart attempts if the monitored device still does not respond after the first RESET? Answer: Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution. You can set the Timeout After Reboot parameter to 0. Then, IP WatchDog waits after a RESET for the first sign of activity from the monitored device. However, this setting prevents further attempts to RESET the device.
  • Question: How long does IP WatchDog wait after startup before resetting the device? Is this delay configurable? Answer: The first reset after startup is controlled by the Timeout after reboot parameter.
  • Question: I cannot "ping" IP WatchDog from my computer, or my computer from IP WatchDog. What is wrong? Answer: Make sure that the Ethernet connection of IP WatchDog works (DIP1 = Off) and that it is possible to display its internal web page by typing the IP address of IP WatchDog to the browser's address field. If this works, make sure that no firewall is running on the computer that you use to test PING. If a firewall is running, turn it off. Keep in mind that the default Windows XP SP2 firewall can also filter PING packets. In the firewall configuration, make sure that the necessary ICMP messages - echo reply and echo request - are not blocked; allow them if needed. Some servers block ping requests to prevent Ping of Death attacks.


Product Description
IP WatchDog HWg-WR02a set Quick start set containing an AC adapter, a RS-232 cable, a CD with software, the WR02a and a printed manual.
IP WatchDog HWg-WR02a IP WatchDog WR02a unit and a printed manual
IP WatchDog Lite IP WatchDog for SOHO applications.


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