Sincro Systems Produse Termometre Ethernet HWg-STE plus - Termometru higrometru Ethernet IP, SNMP, e-mail
HWg-STE (PoE) - Termometru higrometru Ethernet IP, SNMP, e-mailHWg-WLD - detector de scurgeri de apa si inundatie

HWg-STE plus - Termometru higrometru Ethernet IP, SNMP, e-mail

HWg-STE plus - Termometru higrometru Ethernet IP, SNMP, e-mail
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HWg-STE plus (PoE): Ethernet thermometer with Digital Inputs

WEB-based temperature and humidity measurement with two Digital Inputs for dry contacts. Supports SNMP and the SensDesk online portal.
Sends an e-mail when a contact is closed or the temperature is high. Supplied with PDMS Windows software for producing MS Excel reports.
Supports SNMP. Supplied with one temperature probe, power adapter and software.

Web thermometer with two digital inputs for dry contacts. Sends an e-mail alert when the temperature is too high/too low or a contact is closed. Connected probes and detectors can be monitored using a Web interface or a mobile app. Comes with the HWg-PDMS software for Windows for displaying graphs and exporting data to MS Excel. HWg-STE plus is compatible with SNMP and can be used with third-party applications.

Connect several HWg-STE plus units to the online portal. This works like a cloud application. Nothing to configure, no NAT or firewall. Simply activate the portal connection and you can check the temperature in your home under your desk, in your server room, or at your customer's site no matter where you are. All your sensors are shown at a single screen in a mobile app.

  • Remote alerting to rising temperature, humidity, open door or smoke.
  • Monitor several IP sensors from anywhere using the online portal and mobile apps.
  • Supplied with an AC adapter, Windows software and one temperature probe. A second temperature probe can be connected.

Optional accessories:

  • Humidity probe for indoor or outdoor use
  • Temperature probes for outdoor environment, refrigerators, and more..
  • Smoke detector, power failure detector, door contact, water flood detector, and more..

web Ethernet thermometer supports SNMP and e-mail

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Brosura HWg-STE plus

>> Demo online online temperature

Usage examplesHWg-STE plus

  • A/C failure monitoring
    Remote environment monitoring, rising temperature indicates air conditioning failure.

  • Environment and door monitoring over SNMP
    Detection of open door, power failure, temperature and humidity, connected to a NMS (Network Monitoring System, such as Nagios).

  • Cooler/freezer monitoring
    Sends an e-mail if the refrigerator door is open for too long, or the temperature is too high or too low. Logging in the PDMS application or the SensDesk online service.

  • Equipment and premises monitoring
    Detection of security system alarms, open door, or presence of people (PIR sensor).

  • Food storages
    Oversees optimal storage conditions. With application software, HACCP reports can be created.


HWg STE plus rack monitoring

  • Ethernet: RJ45 (10/100BASE-T)
  • WEB: Built-in web server
  • Digital inputs: 2x dry contact input
  • Sensors: 2x RJ11 (Max 2 temperature or humidity probes)
  • M2M communication protocols: SNMP, XML, HWg-Push
  • Alerts (value out of defined range): E-mail
  • Recommended online portal: free online portal
  • Recommended Windows software: HWg-PDMS (logging, graphs, export to MS Excel)
  • Simple installation (supports DHCP and sensor autodetection)
  • Connects to third-party SNMP monitoring systems (SNMP MIB, XML)
    Plugin for Nagios, OpenNMS, Cacti and more..
  • 0.1C resolution, display in C or F
  • Security protected with a password
  • Supplied with a power adapter and one temperature probe
  • In addition to the supplied probe, a second temperature or humidity probe can be connected
  • PoE version


PDMS: Excel reporting

  • Configuration: UDP Config Configuring the IP address
  • Monitoring and logging: HWg-PDMS Monitoring software with MS Excel reporting
  • Online service for remote monitoring:
  • Mobile phone app: iPhone, Android and more..
  • Third-party software: SNMP (Nagios, Cacti, Zabbix, The Dude, Paessler PRTG, OpenNMS, HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, Axence nVision, Ipswitch WhatsUp, CA NSM, SNMPc and more.. )
  • For programmers: HWg-SDK contains interface descriptions and examples of using M2M protocols in several programming languages
    (JAVA, PHP, Borland C++ Builder 6.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Borland Delphi 6.0, Microsoft Visual Basic & Excel VBA, VB.NET, C code for Linux, JavaScript (AJAX) Microsoft Visual C# 2005 (.NET))


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