Sincro Systems Produse Module monitorizare IP Ethernet Poseidon Modul monitorizare IP cu conectare a senzorilor pe RS-485
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Modul monitorizare IP cu conectare a senzorilor pe RS-485

Modul monitorizare IP cu conectare a senzorilor pe RS-485
Imagine mare

Poseidon model 1250

Poseidon 1250 este un dispozitiv capabil s? trimit? e-mail atunci când temperatura dep??e?te limita  normal? sau atunci când se închide contactul unui releu conectat. Pe lâng? e-mail ?i interfa?a grafic? WWW, mai sunt disponibile ?i câteva protocoale M2M (SNMP, XML, Modbus / TCP etc.)

Senzorii pot fi conecta?i la Poseidon 1250 prin intermediul a dou? magistrale de transmisie sau îl pute?i conecta direct contactele senzorilor. Dispozitivul m?soar? valorile senzorilor conecta?i, utilizatorul poate accesa datele prin intermediul protocoalelor specializate sau a browserului web.

Poseidon poate fi integrat în NMS (Network Monitoring System), sau utilizat cu softul PD care doar avertizeaz? în caz de situa?ie critic? prin trimiterea unui mesaj SMS. Ca r?spuns la alarm?, acest soft poate închide un releu (prin intermediul re?elei) ce controleaz? exemplu semnaliz?rile luminoase sau sirena de alarmare.

  • Magistral? de transmisie industrial? (RS-485): pân? la 31 senzori, pân? la 1000m
  • 3 intr?ri digitale: conecteaz? contacte de releu pasive
  • Bus IT (1-fir): de pân? la 10 sonde pre? redus, cablare RJ11
  • Valoarea senzorului în afara intervalului : trimiterea de Email sau SNMP trap la câ?iva destinatari.

>> Poseidon 1250 Tset >> Poseidon 1250 THset

Poseidon 1250
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Poseidon 1250 Flyer
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  • IT – server rooms monitoring, 19“ Racks, UPS
  • Air-condition devices monitoring , especially leaking of evaporated water
  • UPS device rooms monitoring, Diesel engines
  • Intelligent buildings environment monitoring
  • Storage buildings monitoring
  • Information points, terminals, transmitters


>> Poseidon - application examples

>> Application study of Poseidon family

What Poseidon measures

sensors (probes) - temperature, humidity, voltage AD,DC, flood, airflow.The Poseidon model 1250 supports up to 42 sensors (probes) for temperature, humidity, air-flow and other value monitoring. Each sensor monitors safe range. It can notify of value out of safe range (Alarm status) via Email or SNMP trap sending.

  • Temperature (up to 42 sensors up to 1000 meters, -55 °C to +640 °C)
  • Humidity (up to 25 sensors up to 1000 meters)
  • Binary input / contact (up to 3 smoke detectors, shake, movement, flooding, angle, close/open door, air-flow etc.)
  • General input (0 to 10V, 4 to 20mA – using external converters to RS-485)

>> Value sensors


Basic Features of the Poseidon 1250

  • Up to 42 sensors and probes can be connected to one Poseidon model 1250 unit
  • Notification about an Alarm status via Email (SMTP), SNMP Trap or SMS (GSM modem over RS-232)
    • PD trigger program (free) can redirect SNMP Trap alarms from unlimitted Poseidon units to SMS (GSM modem connected to PC)
  • Easy configuration in graphic interface (WWW web browser) – screenshot
  • Open communication protocols (SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP a others)
  • Poseidon 1250 directly controls two outputs
  • Large assortment of sensors, from inexpensive for home use to industrial ones with accuracy 0,15 °C and range from -55 to +640 °C. (see Sensors values). The sensors can be connected over a distance of 1000 meters
  • Safety protected with a password, IP address range, HW security
  • OEM = Original Equipment ManufacturerFor OEM partners option to change device name, design of web pages for orders of 50 pcs and more.
  • FirmWare update over WWW or over RS-232

>> Poseidon model XXXX - models overview


Download and links


SNMP Traps Big image Temp485


  • WEB (HTML)
    Values and state of sensors are presented on WWW page. The page is automatically reloaded every 5 second. There is a link to Flash Setup from main HTML page, update FirmWare and others.
  • XML
    All sensor's values as well as alarm status information are available in XML files (temper.xml) and any application can log it from XML tags - more information
  • SNMP
    SNMP is protocol for monitoring of telecommunication devices, network infrastructure and related technology. The Poseidon is fully controllable over SNMP (v1, partially v2) - more information
  • Modbus/TCP
    Modbus/TCP is industrial standard for input from sensors and output to visualizing and SCADA systems. All values are available over Modbus/TCP - more information

  • Alarms
    • SNMP Traps
      In case of contact switch or exceeding of "Safe Range", the sensor get to the Alarm status. To notify of this a SNMP Trap including alarm status description is sent to configured IP address - more information
    • Email
      In case of contact switch or exceeding of "Safe Range", the sensor get to the Alarm status. To notify of this a Email including alarm status description is sent to configured email address - more information

>> Poseidon – communication protocols .

HW interface - sensor connecting

Overview of all sensors in our assortment: Sensors and accessories.

  • Binary Input (Dry Contact inputs)
    3x input to connect door contact or relay output (NO or NC)
  • IT Bus (RJ12 1-Wire)
    Inexpensive interface to connect up to 10 temperature probes over a total distance of 10 meters or less
  • Industrial bus (RS-485)
    Industrial interface, up to 31 sensors up to 1 000 meters. The temperature, humidity and other sensors. The converters to current loop (4 to 20 mA) or platinum temperature sensors Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 (2,3 or 4 conductor).

>> Interface for connecting sensors to the Poseidon units

HW interface - relay output

  • 2x outputs
    The Poseidon 1250 supports two outputs for two external relay controlling. The outputs can be controlled over network (Flash Setup, XML, SNMP).
    • Output – Alarm status link: DTR output can be used for alarm signalization of any sensor. Warn light or horn can separately, independently on other software, signal critical status.

We recommend to use: PowerEggP1250 RC (Relay Cable), DIN relay

>> Interface for connecting sensors to the Poseidon units

Technical specifications of the Poseidon 1250

  • Ethernet: RJ 45 - 10BASE-T / 10 Mbit/s
  • Port 1: Industrial bus (RS-485 / RJ45)
  • Port 2: IT bus (1-Wire / RJ12)
  • Port 3: RS-232 (connector Cannon 9 Male)
  • 3 Dry contact input: terminal board for contact (0 to 500W)
  • Device setting:
    • Locally - RS-232 Setup
    • UDP Config
    • Over HTTP - graphic interface Flash
    • Over SNMP

Detailed technical specification you can find in manual "Poseidon_1250_manual_en.pdf" or on the page Poseidon 1250 - technical specification.

>> Poseidon 1250 - detailed technical specification

What SW to use

  • CapTemp - manufacture processes monitoring, value logging,unlimited sensor number, unlimited number of the Poseidon units
  • nmsDashboard - graphic visualization, ideal for operating panels and supervising of several devices and services. Enables record and multiple speed play-back etc. Unlimited sensor number, unlimited number of the Poseidon units, limited number of "Tasks" – variables

Tested together with the Poseidon

HW group or our customers verified functionality of the Poseidon with:

>> Poseidon family software

Order number

OID Type description
600 006
Poseidon model 1250
600 042
Poseidon 1250 Tset (photo)
Recommended start set Poseidon model 1250, power adapter and one temperature sensor
600 043
Poseidon 1250 THset (photo)
Extended start set Poseidon model 1250, power adapter and one temperature/ humidity sensor
600 244
P1250 RC (Relay Cable) (photo)
Converter for connecting of two relays to 12V Poseidon 1250 over RS-232
600 237
PowerEgg - (photo)
Detection of external AC voltage (110 to 230V), configurable AC output(110 to 230V)

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Poseidon model 1250 accessories

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