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Statie meteo automata EasiData Mark 4

Statie meteo automata EasiData Mark 4
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Statie automata meteo EasiData Mark 4

The EasiData Mark 4 is a highly flexible data logger that is the core component of Environdata's modular weather stations.  These weather stations can be customised to suit almost any application or location. The EasiData Mark 4 can store up to 216 data types, including real time calculations on sensor inputs (eg. current sensor readings, means, maximums, minimums, true vector wind analysis, evaporation rate etc).

New commands can be sent to the logger at any time to reconfigure its storage operation. The Mark 4 can be programmed to meet your specific requirements now, and re-programmed when those requirements change. An  Environdata EasiData Mark 4 Weather Station is a robust computerised system that measures and records environmental conditions in real time.

Overview:  Each weather station consists of four key components:

  1. External sensors that measure environmental parameters and transmit raw data.
  2. A data logger that collects and analyses the raw data and calculates the results before storing it into internal memories.
  3. A communications method of your choice that transmits the stored data  to any external computer.
  4. Environdata's software that will download and display your data in your preferred format.

Weather Sensors:

Currently, Environdata manufactures almost 20 different types of sensors to operate with the EasiData system.   These include:

  • Solar radiation.
  • Relative humidity (electronic).
  • Air temperature.
  • Wet and dry bulb temperature.
  • Grass temperature.
  • Soil temperature.
  • Rainfall.
  • Wind speed.
  • Wind direction.
  • Barometric pressure.
  • Soil moisture.
  • Radiant heat.
  • Ultra violet radiation.
  • Photosynthetically active radiation

We can also supply most other sensors as desired.

LCD display: A 2 line, 20 character per line backlit display can be added to the data logger if required.

Mounting options: 2, 3, 5 or 10 metre instrument masts, a lockable housing, sensor shelters, and sensor cross-arm are available, to enable your weather station to be installed to your requirements.

Remote Communications Equipment: Options include:

  • GSM Remote Link (Global System for Mobile Communications)
  • CDMA Remote Link (Code Division Multiple Access)
  • Modem Dial-Up - Via a standard phone line
  • UHF Radio Link
  • Network Connection
  • RS-232 Serial Cable Link - maximum preferred distance 100 metres, up to 5 km with line drivers

Weather Station Software:

Environdata has designed a simple to operate, yet sophisticated software package that will convert the  data from the weather station into easy to understand reports.

Easi-Access is an integrated package that includes data collection, storage and display modules. Multiple Weather Stations can be managed efficiently as the data is stored internally in a powerful database, which allows you to graph data to preset or custom values, and also compare data from different recording sites. Data can also be shown as:

  • Graphs: review the data visually and make comparisons
  • Spreadsheet form: use Excel or any other spreadsheet to analyse and do further calculations
  • Database form: use Access or any other database to maintain long term records for easy retrieval
  • Reports: summarise data in table and graph form
  • Email: data files can be sent or received
  • Website: weather data can be automatically published directly to a web site
  • For more information, click here: EasiAccess Weather Station Software


The Environdata EASIDATA Mark 4 Weather Station is a robust and highly flexible modular weather station able to be customised to almost any application or location. The data can be collected from the weather station by visiting the site with a laptop computer, having a direct cable connection between the weather station and a PC, or by a remote downloading method of your choice.

Environdata uses a unique digital pulse [frequency] transmission system to ensure accurate and reliable data is collected from the sensors. This means long cables can be used - up to 500metres - so that sensors can be located at the appropriate heights and positions without regard to the distance between any sensor and the data logger. All sensors of the same type or model are identically calibrated in the factory, so that they are fully interchangeable in the field. This means on-site calibration is not necessary.

Each full weather station includes a free test box, which can test sensors independently of the system to diagnose faults quickly and reliably. In addition to Environdata's sensors, a wide range of other sensors can be connected to the system.

The recorder stores up to 80,000 separate readings, making the EasiData Mark 4 weather station suitable for very intensive data collection as well as for situations where long intervals between data downloading are necessary.


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