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E14C Convertor RS-232 fibra optica multimodE175 Convertor RS-485 / TTL retea optica inelara

E171 Convertor RS-485 fibra optica multimod

E171 Convertor RS-485 fibra optica multimod
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E171 Convertor RS-485 fibra optica multimod


  • independent on communication protocol
  • minimum data delay
  • Al case - for DIN rail mounting
  • supply voltage DC 9-24 V
  • link range 2 km


It is the converter intended to transfer RS-485 bus to multimode optic cable. Using a pair of converters it is possible to insert an optical section into RS-485 bus. This pair of converters works as repeater at the same time. As ELO E171 feature with minimum data delay, several optic sections can be inserted into RS-485 bus. Transfer data rate can be set ranging from 1200 bps to 115.2 kbps. Optic connector is ST type; optic optical link range is up to 3 km. There are clamps on RS-485 interface. Converter is destined to DIN rail installation. Power supply can be from 9 to 24V DC.

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