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E0Q6 alimentator 12Vcc / 500 mAE146 Convertor RS-232 fibra optica multimod

E122 repetor RS-485

E122 repetor RS-485
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E122 Repetor RS-485


  • protocol independent
  • minimum data delay
  • minimum delay of transmitter control
  • interfaces and supply isolated
  • supply 9-24 V DC


ELO E122 is repeater of RS-485 with minimum signal delay and smart control of transmitters. Data flowing through the repeater is 0.5 bit delayed. The transmitters switching off is very quick and that property allows connect a number of repeaters in one line without maximum delay overrun. Repeater divides a link to two galvanic isolated segments, which are isolated from supply too. Repeater is intended for DIN rail installation, power supply can be 9 - 24 V.

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