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E06C convertor RS-232 / RS-485 izolat galvanicE06G convertor RS-232 / RS-485 cu control RTS

E06D convertor RS-232 / RS-485 izolat galvanic

E06D convertor RS-232 / RS-485 izolat galvanic
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E06D convertor RS-232 / RS-485 izolat galvanic


  • galvanic isolation of interfaces
  • automatic control
  • TxD, RxD transferring
  • maximum data rate 115.2 kbps
  • DC 6V external supply is mostly necessary


Converts data between RS-232 and RS-485 with galvanic isolation. Isolating barrier is 750 V. RS-485 transmitter has been switched on automaticaly when TxD signal is active. Transmitter is switched off if TxD is in idle state for a time which can be set by switch. Maximum data rate is 115.2 kbps. In special applications converter doesn't need any external power supply.

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