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E0N8 Izolator RS-232E0Q0 alimentator 6Vcc / 200 mA

E0N9 Izolator RS-232 mod sincron

E0N9 Izolator RS-232 mod sincron
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E0N9 Izolator RS-232 mod sincron


  • isolating barrier 1Vk
  • all RS232 signals transferred incl. TxC and RxC
  • maximum data rate 115.2 kbps
  • external power supply 6V DC


Model E0N9 isolates and transmits all data, control, status and clock signals of RS-232 interface. It is suitable to isolate two synchronous devices. Maximum data rate is 115.2 kbps. The isolation barrier is 1 kV. ISOLER needs 6V external supply.

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