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E00Q Convertor RS-232 / 20mA TTYE068 convertor RS-232 / RS-485

E00X Convertor RS-232 / 20mA TTY

E00X Convertor RS-232 / 20mA TTY
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E00X Convertor RS-232 / 20mA TTY


  • galvanic isolation of interfaces
  • TxD, RxD transferring
  • maximum data rate 115.2 kbps
  • asymmetric current loop 20 mA
  • external supply is not necessary in passive mode


Converter between RS-232 and TTY interfaces. Galvanic isolation 3kV. RS-232 connector is DB9F, DCE, current loop connector is DB9M. Maximum data rate 115.2 kbps. When both loops are passive no external power supply is necessary. If there is one or both active loops (supplying 20 mA current into the loop) an external supply DC 12 V is necessary. See ELO E0Q4 supply.

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