Sincro Systems Produse Module I/O controlate IP Damocles 2404i, Ethernet, DinRail, RS-232, SNMP
Damocles 1208Damocles MINI, digital inputs outputs, Ethernet, SNMP, XML

Damocles 2404i, Ethernet, DinRail, RS-232, SNMP

Damocles 2404i, Ethernet, DinRail, RS-232, SNMP
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Damocles model 2404

Damocles model 2404 is the unit of the digital inputs and outputs controlled over web. Apart from email, www graphical interface, also networks protocols are supported (SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP and others..).

Damocles model 2404 unit accesses 24 digital inputs (galvanic isolated) and 4 relay outputs over Ethernet network. This model supports the connection of temperature sensor over RS-232 interface.

The input and output values and the relay control are accessible from any internet browser or by network protocols.

Damocles is intended for the use in industry, this version supposes mounting on the DIN rail, the unit can be situated in 19 RACK or in the telecommunication environment.

  • 24 Digital inputs : All galvanic isolated
  • 4 Relay outputs: NO and NC contacts available
  • Temperature sensor input: Can be connected over RS-232
  • Sensor value out of range: sending Email or SNMP Trap to several recipients.
Damocles 2404

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