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TSH203 - temperature and humidity sensor


Short Description

TSH203 is 1-wire, low cost option for humidity and temperature monitoring. It is successor of TSH201. The device integrates basic elements plus signals processing and provide a fully calibrated digital output. A unique capacitive element is used for measuring relative humidity while temperature is measured by a band gap sensor. Both sensors are seamlessly coupled to a 12 bit analog to digital converter. This results in superior signal quality and fast response time.
TSH203 is designed for 19" cabinet mounting. Its two connectors give possibility to easy assembly single or multi-sensor systems for environmental monitoring in server rooms.
TSH203 is supported by TCW111 and TCW121 Ethernet controllers.

Technical parameters

Operating Range 0 to 100 %RH -40 to +85 C
Accuracy 3.0 %RH 0.4 C
Resolution 0.05 %RH 0.01 C
Long-term drift <0.5 %RH/yr <0.04 C/yr
Interface 1-Wire
Connectors Two RJ-11 in parallel
Temperature and humidity sensor TSH203 - user manual (pdf, 543KB) pdf

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