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TSC200-15 - 1-wire current sensor

TSC200-15 - 1-wire current sensor
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TSC200 - 1-wire current sensor

TSC200-15 900-300x214



  • Easy change of measurement mode (AC/DC);
  • Excellent long term stability;
  • Unique 64-Bit serial number for multiply sensors support;
  • 10 bit resolution;
  • Galvanic isolation.

Typical applications

  • Power monitoring of solar power systems;
  • Building’s management systems (BMS);
  • Batteries charge/discharge process automation;
  • Industrial automation processes.

Short description

TSC200-15 is a galvanic isolated 1-Wire current sensor. Each sensor has a unique 64-bit serial code, which allows multiple sensors to be connected on the same 1-Wire bus.

TSC200-15 is based on fully integrated Hall-effect current sensor IC, that provide highly accurate, low noise output voltage signals that are proportional to an applied current. Additional signal processing provides calibrated digital output.

1-Wire current sensor TSC200-15 provides a low cost option for AC or DC current monitoring. The sensor can be used for power monitoring applications – current and power measurements for building’s management systems (BMS), monitoring and control of batteries, solar systems, industrial automation etc.

TSC200-15 utilizes two RJ11 connectors, for easy daisy chain arranging of 1-Wire bus. It is supported by TCW240B Ethernet controller.

Technical parameters

Supply voltage range (1-Wire bus)

4 to 5.5


Maximum supply current (1-Wire bus)



AC current range

0.3 to 15


DC current range

± (0.3 to 15)


Accuracy (-20 to +25°C)

±(2% + 0.2 A)


Communication interface


1-wire current sensor TSC200 - user manual (pdf 639KB) pdf

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