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Sterilizare - Datalogger SterilDisk Can

Sterilizare - Datalogger SterilDisk Can
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SterilDisk Can - Temperature Datalogger for sterilisation processes


SterilDisk is the Tecnosoft loggers for high temperature, up to 140°C; along with the standard disk version and the Probe version, with external probe of 50 mm length and 4 mm diameter, there is also the “Can” version, specifically designed for cans (of 330, 400 and 500 ml). To reach the cold spot, placed nearly at 20 mm from the base of the can, there are new different probes available: diameter is now of 3 mm, for a fastest response time, and the different lengths allow to cover all the standard size of cans and tins. The probe is placed on a small basis at the center of the disk of the device main body and this system, thanks to a probe threaed part of 10 mm, it has been designed to be applied on the dome on the base of cans: in this way the logger will be placed on the bottom part of the can itslef and won't affect too much the overall heigth of the can. Placed like this, the can, with the logger on top, will be able to go through machines and tunnels for pasteurisation and sterilisation. The data loggers are provided with a calibration certificate traceable to a national reference.



  • sterilisation of beverages in can (beer, cider, soda);
  • sterilisation of canned food, placing the logger external or internal (you may ask probes length on demand); temperature monitoring of bottles, from beverages to wine; temperature monitoring during processes that demands a high response time of the sensor.
There are also the PasteurDisk Can, for sterilisation processes and the SterilDisk Radio, for wireless monitoring and with real time control, all food grade and provided with calibration certificate.
  • high accuracy and precision;
  • compact and available in probes of different lengths;
  • completely food grade and waterproof;
  • printed reports can be used for health regulations and ISO compliance;
  • F0 calculation and possibility to customize parameters;
  • can have a calibration certificate.
The System
The basic system is made up by:
  • SterilDisk Can temperature data logger;
  • SPD kit with SPD software and DiskInterface.
The advanced TS Manager system for autoclave validation is made up by: Both software will give information on battery status when logger is connected.
This datalogger can be used with the Fastening System for probes to be applied on cans, jars, lids for process monitoring: using particular threaded rivets the probe can be applied even on a closed can.


Technical data:

Size 36 mm diameter; 17 mm height
Probe: 3 mm diameter; 100, 135, 155 mm standard lengths; other lengths on demand 
Material Stainless steal AISI316L Food Grade 
Temperature range 0 °C ÷ +140 °C (up to 10 bar) 
Resolution 0,01 °C 
Accuracy ± 0,2 °C (within calibration range: +25°C ÷ +125°C)  
N° acquisitions 15000 
Acquisition interval From 1 every second up 
Battery life User replaceable
1.600.000 acquisitions, with acquisition step of 1”; battery life might be less if exposed to high and low temperatures 
Protection degree IP68 
Compliancy - EN12830 - EN285 



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