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Datalogger temperatura si presiune PressureDisk

Datalogger temperatura si presiune PressureDisk
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PressureDisk - Temperature and pressure logger for autoclaves with validation software

The PressureDisk is a data logger for temperature and pressure monitoring, in particular in autoclave, since it resists up to 140C.
It can be provided alone or in a kit made by the TS Manager software, compatible with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, and one or more temperature loggers (the software can manage all of your devices). All can log up to 140C and resist up to 5 bar of pressure and can be used to map the autoclave and check it is working well.
All devices are in food grade material and are submersible, so that they can be used easily also in the food industry. With the TS Manager system it is possible to validate autoclaves by professional validators. PressureDisk is rugged, with a user replaceable battery that can work for several sterilisation cycles; the temperature sensor is on a radial probe while the pressure one is inserted in a threaded insert with a Gas that can be screwed on standard receptacles on autoclaves even if its main use is inside autoclaves.
It is provided with an Accredia (Italian NIST equivalent) traceable calibration certificate
  • Validation of autoclaves or other instruments that need verification of pressure control.
  • Internal pressure monitoring of food and non-food packaging during sterilisation process.
  • Monitoring of sterilisation and pasteurisation processes.
  • Ambient temperature and pressure monitoring.

The TS Manager system is particularly indicated for autoclaves validators, since it allows to manage a Customer database, with the list of each instrument for each Customer. Being FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compatible it can be easily implemented in every monitoring and validation process, being compliant to law and international regulations. For example, it can be used to validate autoclaves in hospitals, in analysis laboratories, in dentists office or among tattooers and piercers.

The System

The validation system is made up by:

PressureDisk can be provided also with a free basic software; in this case the items needed are:
  • PressureDisk;
  • PressureDisk free basic software;
  • DiskInterface with adapter.
  • Technical data:

    Size Diameter max: 35 mm; hh: 43,22 mm; threaded insert Gas: 11 mm
    Temperature probe: length 23 mm, diameter 3 mm
    Material Stainless steel AISI316L, PEEK (completely food grade)
    Temperature range 0C 140C; extra calibration points on request
    Temperature resolution 0,01C
    Temperature accuracy +/-0,2C (within calibration range: +25C +125C)
    Pressure range 10 mbar 5000 mbar absolute (calibration: 10-4000 mbar)
    Pressure resolution 2 mbar
    Pressure accuracy 15 mbar
    Number of acquisitions 60576 (date, time, temperature, pressure)
    Acquisition rate From 1 acquisition every second up
    Battery life User replaceable
    6.000.000 acquisitions, with acquisition step of 1; battery life might be less if exposed to high and low temperatures
    Accessories DiskInterface, adapter

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