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Numarator preset ME230

Numarator preset ME230
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Technical data - electrical ratings
Preset 1 preset
Preset setting Press reset button and hold. Enter desired value in any order. Release reset button.
Limit switch Trigger at zero (subtracting)
Precontact Permanent precontact as permanent contact (please indicate desired value when ordering)
Output contact Change-over contact
Switching voltage 230VAC / VDC
Switching current 2A
Switching capacity 100 VA / 30 W
Spark extinguisher Recommended for inductive load
Technical data - mechanical design
Function Meter counter with preset
Display White numbers on black
Decimal digits in red
Number of digits 5-digits
Digit height 7mm
Count mode Adding in a rotational direction
to be indicated, subtracing in
reverse direction.
See part number key
Drive shaft Both sides, 7 mm
Reset By reset lever to preset value.
Do not let snap lever or make jerky movements.
Measuring speed 2 revs. = 1 digit = <2500 m/min
2 revs. = 10 di. = <250.0 m/min
Measuring precision 1 m, 1 dm
Measuring range See ordering part number
Operating temperature 0...+60C
Housing type Surface mount housing
Housing colour Grey
Dimensions W x H x L 126 x 88 x 78 mm
Dimensions mounting plate 142 x 88 mm
Mounting Base plate, 4 mounting holes
Weight approx. 950g
Material Aluminium die cast alloy
E-connection Terminal block connector

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