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Calibrator de laborator M2000ACalibrator de presiune portabil Betagauge 330

Calibrator de precizie 3001 calibrator de laborator

Calibrator de precizie 3001 calibrator de laborator
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Lab Calibrator

3001 Precision Lab Calibrator

Lab standard multifunction calibrator with isolated measurement channel

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Precision Lab Calibrator
Precision Lab Calibrator Features:
  • 0.0025% Calibration Accuracy

  • Source/Read thermocouple, RTD, Voltage, Current and Pressure

  • Custom RTD and SPRT profiles

  • RS-232, USB and IEEE-488 remote control

  • Compatible with Fluke Met/Cal? Software

  • Isolated Measurement Channel

  • Includes NIST Certificate with calibration data

The Precision Lab Calibrator combines the power and features of the venerable M2001 lab calibrator, with the addition of an isolated measurement channel. This isolated measurement channel consists of two (2) voltage ranges: 10V and 100V DC, MilliAmp range 0 to 52 mA, MilliAmp range with simultaneous 24VDC power, selectable 250 Ohm HART resistor and accuracy of 0.005% of reading on voltage ranges.

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