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Sterilizare - Datalogger SterilDisk Jumbo

Sterilizare - Datalogger SterilDisk Jumbo
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SterilDisk Jumbo - Temperature data logger up to 140C

The SterilDisk Jumbo, data logger for temperatures up to 140C, lines up with all other devices for high temperature monitoring from Tecnosoft. It is presented in a circular housing, 35 mm in diameter and just 22 + 13 (probe base) mm high, making it compact. Morevoer, even if it has almost the same size of the SterilDisk it has a bigger battery and memory: the extended battery can work for almost as double as the one the SterilDisk, the memory features 120.000 acquisitions. The main body is in AISI316L stainless steel, whilst the isolating parts are in PEEK: both these materials, apart from being able to support very high temperatures without exhibiting deformation, are also food grade. The data logger, therefore, finds especially application in the food and pharma industrial, during sterilisation processes, where it is possible to monitor the product and not simply the environment in which it is produced.
SterilDisk Jumbo has a penetration probe that can be of 3 mm diameter and different standard lengths (20, 60, 100, 125 mm and on request) or 5 mm diameter and 100 mm length. 3 mm diameter probes can be used with the Tecnosoft Fastening System. It can also be equipped with a flexible probe, increasing its fields of application. The SterilDisk Jumbo is provided with a calibration certificate SIT (Italian calibration center, NIST equivalent) traceable. A special calibration to -40C can be requested.

  • pasteurisation and general production processes control;
  • laboratory ovens monitoring.
There are also the PasteurDisk, for sterilisation processes, the SterilCyl, with a different shap and size and the SterilDisk Radio, for wireless monitoring and with real time control, all food grade and available with calibration certificate.
  • high accuracy and precision;
  • compact and available with a large set of probes;
  • extended battery life: 4 years with standard use (2 hours monitoring with 10 seconds rate per 200 days per year);
  • extended memory with 120.000 acquisitions;
  • completely food grade and waterproof;
  • printed reports can be used for health regulations and ISO compliance;
  • F0 calculation and possibility to customize parameters;
  • possibility to set mission end;
  • can have a calibration certificate.
The System
The system is made up by:
This data logger can be used with the Fastening System for probes to be applied on cans, jars, lids for process monitoring.
The software will show the battery level, when is in communication with the logger.

Technical data:

Size 22 + 13 (probe base) hh X 35 diameter (mm)
Probe: 20, 60, 100, 125 or on demand hh X 3 diameter (mm) or
100 X 5 diameter (mm)
Material Stainless steal AISI316L + PEEK (Food Grade)
Temperature range 0 C +140 C (up to 10 bar)
Resolution 0,01 C
Accuracy 0,2 C (within calibration range: +25C +125C)
N acquisitions 120.000
Acquisition interval From 1 every second up
Battery life User replaceable
8.000.000 acquisitions, with acquisition step of 1; battery life might be less if exposed to high and low temperatures
Protection degree IP68
Compliancy - EN12830 - EN285

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